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How to Win the Lotto – Unique Ways to Win the Lottery

How to win the lotto is not as difficult as it seems. It’s not rocket science either. Though it would require some work to become a sure fire winner of the lotto every time, but it’s not as difficult as you might think, not if you know what to look for. Use these tips below to increase your chances of winning the lotto and you will see the outlines of a strategy you can use to win the lotto every time you play.

Tip #1:

Do not play with only your conservative money. You need to diversify your money and protect it from ruin.

In poker, it would cease to make sense to put your money into your stack the first time you see a flop. In Texas Holdem, you need to see the flop to determine your next move.

Because of the uncertainty relax and enjoy the game. Though you may not get the perfect flop, you still have a 70% chance of winning on the flop if you have done your homework and crossed out all the possible combinations.

Tip #2:

Do not play just one lotto game. You need to play many lotto games with varying jackpot prizes. You have a better chance of winning the more games you play, and that is a fact.

More games mean more wins and a better return on your investment. And that’s what matters. When you’re playing a 5 ball lotto game and you only have one ticket left, you care less if you win or lose, and your investment is proportional to your winnings.

Tip #3

Always guarantee a minimum payout of winnings. Winning can only happen ideally if you have covered all the possible combinations.

Promising prizes, like the jackpot, you will only enjoy if you have covered all the possible combinations.

Tip #4

Always fill out your tickets in Advance. The truth is you would lose the minimum amount if you try to play all the tickets at once. Which means you would only get to enjoy the top prize if you manage to buy all the tickets in advance.

In other words, you would have to be in a betting pool to guarantee your minimum winnings. Which means the only people who guaranteed a minimum prize would be you and some friends, right?

Tip #5

Always use a system to play 7meter games. Every lotto game varies in its unpredictable patterns and you have to use some strategy to play in order to increase your chances of winning a jackpot. Generally, they are not very complicated and using your favorite numbers are enough in winning the lotto.

There is not a monocausal explanation for the fact that lotto is mostly a game of luck. Even the so called lotto experts agree to this. Nevertheless, even the experts admit that lotto game is not purely a game of luck and chance. They agree that it is more a game of social interaction and prediction of numbers.

The social interaction of lotto players is the explanation for the fact that lotto is not just a game of chance. Whether you are a novice or a veteran in betting, you have to know that you can win the lotto if you follow the guidelines of every game. Whenever you play, you have to be in control and not to let the automatic win mechanism of lotto machine do the work for you.

Use your brain. If you would really like to win the lotto, you must employ all your brain’s energy and resources. You have to use all your brain’s power in order to find a successful strategy and you have to make a rational assessment of numbers and consider various other factors to ensure your safety and success in the game. Poor decisions and lack of due diligence could cost you the game.

In other words, you would be tricked if you believe that the lottery is a game of chance and luck. On the other hand, you would be foolish not to take advantage of the guidelines and tricks. These guidelines and tricks are available if you really want to win the lotto and be the next big winner of your town or even the world.

There are thousands of testimonials, evidence and proof from many people who won the lotto. If you would really want to win the lotto, you should check out the testimonials and evidence. This is because the truth always comes with these things. If you are to win the lotto, you would be better off studying the strategies and coming up with your own winning strategy.

How to Do Certain Things When Betting

There are certain things you need to do when it comes to betting and here are a few very simple considerations in this direction. We shall now refer to bases, tickets and to placing a bet.

First of all, here are a few things about bases. Bases make it possible for the combinations containing different events to be the only ones taken into consideration. Choosing a base is just like choosing an outcome in order to bet on it. Therefore, betting into a base requires knowing something about it.

Tickets are regarded as one of the intermediate goods. In games, there are many combinations that you can choose from but if you want to place a bet, it is possible to choose only three or four of the options. Regardless of the good points and drawbacks of the bases, away from the game, you can still make guesses as to the positions of the teams playing for the moment and these do not rely only on the bases.

While betting, you can indulge in several ways of placing a bet. These are passes, combination bets, straight bets and over/under bets. Along with these, there are also prop bets. You can place bets on things like the number of scarlets will be scored in the match. While sports fans bet on various things, these base sports bets pay out more and more money.Propositions are the bets made on the live events that are not dependent on the base sports bets. These bets can be made on things like the number of corners in the game, the number of cards in a match, etc. Sports arbitrage is a well-known system by which the prices are bid and the bets accepted. The profit is dependent on the difference between the predicted outcome and the actual one.

As there are many bookmakers, you can choose who to bet with. This is a very important because other people base their bets on what you bet. Once you bet, you cannot change your mind later and call it a day. The other person does not have a choice to do so.

With the increase in the number of betting agents and companies, betting has become very easy. Now, you do not have to be dwelling in one place or go to a casino to place your bet. All you have to do is to login and click your mouse to make your choice. There is a lot of money to be made through sports arbitrage. Bookmakers always attract new clients and so they try to increase their offers and attract as many clients as they can. They do this by offering more and more incentives and even free services.

Although, there are many opportunities on the Internet, you need to be very careful as to who you trust. Before you place your bet, you should conduct a thorough research. What are the odds of the event you are interested in betting on? First, you have to be sure that you are dealing with a reliable betting company. Ask for references and ask for proof of their reputation.

Along with having a trustworthy betting company, you should be careful when taking offers from different betting bola88. You need to verify if the company you are dealing with is a reputable one. You can also ask for references from other people who have done this. You can also check reviews from people who have tried using different online betting companies.

As you can see, there are a lot to be considered when it comes to betting. When you are a beginner, you can follow the advice given by different experts and you can increase your chances of winning. The betting agencies can offer you a lot of opportunities. You just need to take advantage of those opportunities and you will be able to earn a lot of money on the side. Therefore, be careful and do your research correctly in order to succeed in betting.

How to Beat the Online Casinos

Ever wonder why most people are losers at Internet Casino Gambling, or Casinos for that matter? Do you really think the House is just pure luck, or maybe they know the law and have been defrauding people since time immemorial? The phrase ‘They only teach you math up there in school’ comes to mind. Well these Casino Whoring Tips are sure to turn that around, only this time we’re talking about skill.

Online Casino Gambling is something that can potentially make you quite good at beating the system. You could quickly have your bank accounts filled with money, and your schedules full. However, you probably won’t want to risk becoming addicted to such an activity, so it’s important to FriendsStudyThe Law of Casino Bonuses.

With some affiliate programs you can receive massive rewards simply for signing up with a casino or poker room through their affiliate program. Of course you can’t receive any money until you’ve Actually Played registered for the casino, but you can certainly earn credit towards your pending bonus.

Casino Whoring is a process where you can research which casino bonuses work best for you. You might reconsider jurisdiction, and check out which bonuses offer better terms and conditions.

The results of your research could be that you end up paying a third of your deposit amount to earn credit, or you work for hours obtaining the best return rate on your investment.

Therefore, these are the two Secondary benefits of receiving casino bonuses:

  • Your winnings are paid to your account without fail
  • You have the ability to withdraw your winnings without fail
  • You can use your winnings to start an additional bankroll
  • How much can I expect to make by way of bonuses?
  • The bonuses offered are normally between 50% up to 100% of your deposit amount.

Some of the bonuses offer so much that they’re effectively off-shore, so you will have to deal with the burden of receiving payments and collect any winnings yourself.

However, the signup bonus is usually awarded after your initial deposit has been made. Therefore, you can collect that bonus regardless of whether or not you actually earn your winnings.

Casino Whoring reveals the following 9 ways that you can collect bonuses from online casinos.

  1. Offshore Pick transfers

Indicated here, in advance of your deposit, a reputable online casino will transfer a significant portion of your deposit amount to a payment facility of their choice. These funds will in turn be paid to you by the online casino. Some online casinos will actually pay the credit card for your deposit.

  1. Winsome

IS found in, these pages can be very useful in determining which online casinos are actually legitimate.

  1. Casino reward programs

The better your record is in the online casino games you choose, the more the online casino will want you to gamble on their site.

  1. Casino promotions

There are many online casino’s that offer fabulous promotions. These promotions improve your odds of winning at online casinos and so it is worth the trouble to accept these promotions.

  1. High roller bonus

High roller bonuses are offered to the online gamblers who score big on big cash jackpots.

  1. Online Dewabet reward programs

The better your record is in the online casino games you choose, the more the online casino will want you to gamble on their site.

  1. Payment options

Whenever you are going to play at an online casino make sure you take advantage of the many payment options available.Credit Cards VisaMastercardGift cards

  1. Casino promotions

The better your record is in the online casino games you choose, the more online casino’s you will be able to take advantage of.

  1. Know your online chances

Before you decide which online casino to play in, you need to know your online chances of winning.

You can play only at an online casino that has a good reputation and good payout system, so you need to make sure that the online casino you choose has a good reputation and good payout system, you can play at an online casino that pays out fairly.

When you play at an online casino, you need to make sure you know the rules to the games, so you can make the most out of your playing time.

Poker Tournament Tips – For the Newbie

Almost everyone who has ever played poker has at one time or another been in a poker tournament. Heck, we all have probably even been part of a poker tournament at one time or another. But, does that mean we can walk home with a dime from the tournament?

Poker tournaments are a bit different than cash games. In cash games, you can just play for an hour or two and if you are not doing well, you can get up and leave. In poker tournaments, players stick around a lot longer. If your playing well the majority of the time, you stay around. If you start to lose, you stay around longer, then when you start to lose, you get up sooner then you would have otherwise, leaving when your out of chips. In a cash game, if you leave before you lost all your chips, you are out of chips, even if you did not win.

Many of the tips in poker tournaments apply, but there are specific instances that may be different. For example, in a poker tournament you should not be afraid to get tough with a weak hand. If you are card dead, drinks are not going to improve your odds. In poker tournaments, you need to be more Corkuden than fish. If you push all in with nothing, you cannot expect to win anything but maybe chips.

In a poker tournament you cannot leave early. If you do not think you will be able to continue on with the tournament, do not enter. This is usually the best thing to do whether you are against 863-856 or AA-JJ. It is NEVER a good idea to enter a poker tournament under the influence of alcohol. Poker tournaments require much more skill and courage than a game of craps. Craps is a much easier game to learn and, though still very challenging, can be entirely profitable, especially if you push your luck.

Seasoned tournament players will often tell you that the time to get aggressive is when the tournament is in its early stages. Do not ask how this is done, or try to find a time when it is happening, you have to wait until it is time to act. Let the other players fall victim to their own thoughts. Raise and raise some more, you do not have to just sit by and watch. When you play in the early rounds, you are hoping that your opponents will be less willing to call because the stakes are not as high as it will be later on.

Many MPO777 tournaments have 6 or 7 players on a table. Sometimes, the more players, the harder it can be to win. As long as you pay attention and play smart, you should be able to win. If you are playing in a satellite tournament, you might want to wait until the field is smaller in order to get a better price on your tickets. You can also get special promotions that can required to get you a free seat or increase the amount of chips you are given.

Always read the rules before entering a poker tournament. If you cannot remember the rule, you can ask the person at the table to remind you. Write it down on a piece of paper so you can refer to it if you run into a difficult situation. You would want to avoid arguments or any types of chat. You want to remember that a lot of players have already paid to play so you do not have to remind them again.

put your odds on when you are going to bet. Play only if you have a comfortable pot odds. When you only have a 4:1 or less, you should either wait for a great hand or get out.

Pr some aggression on the flop. So many times I see novice players chasing at too many flops. It is fine to do this once in a while but you cannot do it every hand. My overall style is passive so I want to keep the pot size small.

Are there any draws on the flop. If there are, you should either be in with the best hand, or be in with a high pocket pair.

Are all bluffing or slow-playing going to be over the top? Bet out if you have something decent.

Are you going to continuation bet? If so, when? What are your opponent’s tendencies? (i.e. Do they call a lot of small raises, or do they fold on the flop light?)

What is your own style of gambling? Are you going to call the big bets, or are you going to fold if you see the cards?

There are two entire sections of this book dedicated to each style of play. You need to acquire a lot of information on your own, and then try to act on it. I cannot stress enough the importance of this. Part of the reason you are successful is because you have read this book from start to finish!

Where to Find the Best Lotto Number List

The Hot Number Strategy is a lottery strategy that has been around for quite awhile. The approach was that the top lottery numbers were the HOT numbers. This lottery strategy is still employed by lottery syndicates, player driven “lotto tips” programs, wheeling systems, and other similar tools. The goal was to pick the top set of lottery numbers and let the future run down the river.

The problem with this lottery strategy is that it is no longer advisable to use it. Time and time again we have seen that the trends follow in patterns and linghis seen in the newspaper. A cold number is one that has not been picked in quite some time. When picking a cold number you should not totally discount the possibility that the number just might come up on the next or any other drawing. Why go in cold unless you have proofed the numbers?

A hot number is a number that has been picked in the last few drawings. Most people generally use the hot number strategy when playing the pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, and others. The hot number strategy works by using the past results and using various combinations that were drawn. If you are looking at a specific hot number and match it to a winning pattern, then it might be possible to use it. Hot numbers might consist of statistics or numbers that are considered to be hot. Numbers that are considered to be cold or overdue might be numbers that have not been drawn in quite some time.

To be able to see what numbers will come up, you should look at the historical data of the lottery pick 3, pick 4, and others. Without taking the time to do the math, you might think that it would be a waste of time to do this. However, you would be wrong. When you are able to have the proper tools to do this, you would be able to pick the winning numbers by seeing how the data is supplied.

The tools you are most likely to use are the wheeling systems. Wheeling systems are well-proven and reliable in helping you to choose winning numbers. Generally, you have to divide the selected numbers into three equal parts. Each part should have a total of thirty-seven numbers. If you are going to use the hot number strategy and want to stay within the lottery, then it is advised that you use the non-prime, low, and prime numbers. By doing this, you will be ahead of all the other lottery players who are using number patterns and patterns that are not logical and may be wrong.

Your first step in winning the Dewatogel is to learn how to wheel the numbers. When you are able to do this, you will have a proper strategy and you will be more likely to win the lottery occurrence. Wheeling systems are usually classified as a number wheel, or a group of number wheels. By having various combinations of the numbers in the wheel, you are better able to determine the possible combinations that can be produced. While you are playing the various combinations, you can do this in many ways. Either manually, or electronically.

A number wheel is a tool that can help you to bet properly and improve your chances of winning the lottery. Once you have a wheeling system, you are assured of winning the lottery almost every week. The system has been tried and tested elsewhere and many people have benefited from using them. If you decide to use a number wheel, you should make sure that you use the correct digits and that you generate the best possible combinations. For instance, you want to use the seven number wheels.

Texas Hold Em Tips – Are You Receiving Too Many Bad Beats

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a great hand and you lose? Or, you take a bad beat and you lose? They both happen to us, on a regular basis. Each time we draw out a hand and lose; it is a realization that we just did something wrong that cost us our money.

Texas Hold Em Tips – Bad Beats

If you are new to poker, especially online gaming, you have just as much of a chance to lose as you do to win. You see, the cards you are dealt are not always the best cards. Sure, they can cover what you would have if you were able to complete your hand, but probability still needs to work. On average, you are called more often than not. You will be dealt cards that you should not have been in the hand, and you will lose hands that you are sure to win.

The sad thing about these losses is that they are 100% preventable. There is no way you can ever be guaranteed a win. However, there are a couple of tips that you can follow to ensure you stay in the game and not lose your shirt.

Texas Hold Em Tips – Handle Your Bankroll

The biggest problem that most amateur players have is that they just play way too many pots. They chase every hand that they get and they play hands that are on the edge of what they should really do. They will even call a bet on the river with an top pair, top kicker hand.

New players also tend to get very excited when they have a good hand. Newbies tend to think that the money that they are going to bet, is the money that they need to stay in the game. They rarely think about the fact that they might be betting their opponent’s chips.

Texas Hold Em Tips – Don’t Get Scared Off

When you are dealing with a sizable amount of money, any money that might scare you off of a pot, especially if you are not sure that you have the nuts, is going to have a tendency to go in the red. Your bankroll needs to be able to handle the swings that are both willingly and unwelcomed.

The thing about swings is just like with any other business, if you do not have a period of steady success, you are going to see pretty much all of your capital fly away over time. The key to this problem is to always have enough money in reserve to ride out any losing period that you have.

Texas Hold Em Tips – Get Too Emotional

Not surprisingly, the player who has the most emotions about the panen138 is the one who is going to be most likely to lose. Tennis is a sport that is easy to confuse a high-percentile type of income. You get to play a game that you can afford, so you are not tied up in a specific financial obligation. In addition, with tennis, you tend to play your best tennis when you are at your very best.

When emotions are running high, it is easy to bet more aggressively than usual. When you lose, you lose big. Take each match separately and forget what happens during a particular match. Then, swallow your pride and start making a little money.

Now, that we have our personal philosophies, let us finish up by discussing some money matters. Maybe we can help you to decide what your beliefs are regarding bankroll management, and maybe we can point you in the direction of a solid money management strategy.

We are going to review some money matters, but we are going to start out with some ground rules. First, we are going to discuss bonuses and bankroll management. Then, we will proceed to discuss our opinions on the best system to use for your bankroll. Here we will also discuss various tips that we have used successfully. Do you have any money management strategies?

How to Win at Online Roulette

Who would ever think that roulette is actually a game of chance? I would think everyone would think this, but apparently not. The good news is that you can win at online roulette. You can win a lot of money at online roulette, as long as you take the following precautions. These precautions are not things that any dealer would tell you, but somehow, they help a lot of people win at roulette. Now, I’m not going to go into the finer points of how to play online roulette, because that is not something that I want to get into. Instead, I will focus on whether or not there is a system that you can follow to win at online roulette.

First, you have to understand that online roulette works differently than casino roulette. The most important rule is that there are differences, and it is important to know about these differences when you play. You have take note of the dealer signature, which determines where the ball lands. Players can make predictions about where the ball is more likely to land by paying particular attention to the numbers in a dealer’s signature. This means that if you see a dealer spinning wheels, it is a good idea to bet on numbers that they like to spin. The odds here are that you will win at online roulette if you play the numbers that the dealer is spinning.

One of the best tips that I can share with anyone that is thinking about winning at online roulette is this. The casino pays the dealer a commission for having a winning ball, but this commission is less than 5% of the money that the casino loses on the table. This means that the casino will make up for any losses that you may incur. It sounds like common sense, but it’s not. The majority of people go to the casino to lose money, and they lose for a variety of reasons.

The first reason people lose is that they treat the money handed out to them as nothing more than a handout. They don’t make sure that they keep this cash to themselves as soon as they receive it. People that don’t spread the money around treat the money as no different than taking a candy from a baby. They don’t think to themselves that they are going to give the little guy a treat. Instead, they think that they are going to earn more money and they are going to be the ones that the casino puts out.

The other reason that people lose is that they don’t make sure that they protect and store their chips. Before you leave, put your chips in a container. Do not take them all out at once. Instead, take your money and your chips and toss them in a container. This container will be your protection as well as your means of disposal.

The reason that I made sure that I protected my money is this. If you are a multimillion dollar man, it is important to put your money in a container that will keep it out of the hands of opportunists. Directory thieves are going to be in the habit of taking your money or your identity in the wrong sequence of events. They are prone to getting your cash or your credit card number for the sake of it.

Heading out into the Las Vegas nightlife with your money is great and all, but you want to experience the same joy and thrill of playing the game. Make sure that you are bringing only the amount of money that you feel comfortable losing, and you will be much more inclined to leave the casino with more money than you walked in with.

Playing the game of MPO500 is really a challenging experience. It is not something that you can put on easy control, though. The odds are always in the house’s favor no matter what kind of strategy you use. This is something that you will have to deal with, though. The only thing you can do about it is to make sure that you are ready to lose the money before you walk up to the table, and to walk away when you are ahead.

How to Bet on Sports

There are a few ways you can place a bet on a sport. Before I answer that, I wanted to make sure you knew this; you are only as likely to win as other people betting on the same sport.

The most popular way to bet on sports is through an online sportsbook. At an online sportsbook, you can search and place bets on any sport you want from team sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and so forth to individual sports such as golf, tennis, NASCAR, boxing, horse racing and even MMA. At a large number of these sites, you can even bet on politics and reality TV shows.

In addition to the online sportsbook, another way to bet on sports is to bet impersonally (on the line), “against” another player at a different sportsbook. This is usually done in Las Vegas and Detroit when two of the top Las Vegas establishments are gambling.

Why bet on sports? Your ultimate goal is to turn a profit. And, with the many available handicapping and betting services, like, you can establish if you will make a profit betting on basketball, baseball, football, hockey, horse racing, etc.

There are also sports betting systems offered online. However, with the many complications involved with those systems, such as having to play 18 or more games just to determine results, you can rarely turn a profit. Plus, the betting systems don’t work like the Vegas odds or point spread does. You should discard those systems and choose your own strategies.

The Pick6 is the one to go with. They have become the leaders in sports betting online, and their in house team of professional handicappers, have devised simple, effective and proven betting systems that bettors believe in.

They give you the tools to make a successful bet, and all of the statistical information and analysis required for trend spotting. In addition, they give you an account that is 100% safely guarded and protected.

They want your business, so they offer a lifetime of free services, including a free lifetime picks package, a premium picks package, access to a pre selected system for a lifetime and even a VIP program for those who refer friends to them.

They give you a variety of betting options. They have the very popular 2 progressed betting. This is done in three steps. You can bet at a lower level if you want to increase your probability of winning. The second level requires a higher bet. And the third requires a bet double the previous level.

They also have Live In-Game Betting and even a VIP program for season ticket holders. This VIP program offers different benefits depending on the season plan you have chosen. You can access the program at a special pricing level.

The program is very easy to get started. You just go to the Live In-Game Betting section on the main page, click on the Contests category, find the game you want to bet on and the amount you want to bet. Then just click on join and your account will be ready to use instantly.

Regarding the support, a friendly support team is available 24/7 via phone, email, live chat and also fax. Other than that, you can find many updates on the website and at the very bottom of the article on how to find the download button. Best of Luck and have fun!

Choosing the Right Horse Racing Strategy

Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports to bet on and, if done right, you can earn a decent amount of money. However, choosing the right horse to bet on is not as simple as it seems, because there are a lot of factors that you need to consider in order to come up with the right choice. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most important things that you need to consider when creating your own Pick 4 trends.

Your first factor that you need to consider is the speed of the race. Most experts agree that the horses’ reactions are the main factors that determine the outcome of a race. Therefore, when it comes to betting on horse races, it is wise to get the tickets early if you want to have better chances of winning.

Your next factor is the jockey. A horse’s jockey has a big effect on the speed and strength of the horse. Horses carrying horses with shorter legs have a harder time gaining control of the horse and keeping it under control. On the other hand, horses carrying horses with bigger legs have a easier time maintaining their stability.

Behind the scenes, there are many people, including the trainer, the jockey, the drivers, and even the Kartupoker, who contribute to the horse’s performance. The people who spend their time behind the scenes can have a very good intuition on what the final speed of a race will be.

It is also important to know things like the conditions of the weather and how it will affect the horses’ performance. Of course, you can’t accurately predict a race’s final outcome if you don’t know the general rules and mechanics of the game.

The day-to-day lives of gamblers may not see a need to visit the racetrack anytime soon. As a result, you can use this information to determine if you can bet strategically during the day or you need to wait it out and possibly save your money.

Not only that, but the convenience of the internet can help you make smarter bets as the Racetrack Buster will alert you to whenever there is a better chance of a significant greyhound racing factor in a race. For example, you can bet specifically on the finishing time of the race.

The factors that you need to consider include the average speed of the dog, its weight, the distance of the race, and the barrier profile of the track. Any of these factors may impact the dogs chances of winning.

The other factor to be considered is the condition of the tracks. Certain racetracks are known for their extremely harsh conditions, including sandy, clay, uphill, and downhill courses. All of these factors can affect a dogs ability to perform adequately in a race.

Finally, you can bet systematically using a strategy that is recommended when you make a wager on greyhound races. This strategy is known as a progressive laying system and has been proven to be highly accurate when used in combination with Predicta’s automatic handicapping system.

How to Win at Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a game of poker odds and luck. Many players will often try to robbery the poker pot by making small moves with superior hands like pocket 7’s or pocket 8’s. However, poker is a game of position; the later your position to the dealer button, the better your odds of getting certain pocket pairs or winning with a straight or flush.

The only way you can robbery the pokerace99 pot is if you’re in late position or on the button. Being on the button or near the button gives you many advantages such as getting a free card when your opponents don’t want one. Also, you can play a lot more hands because you’re in a better position to do so.

In early position you should only play pocket pairs, suited connectors, and suited cards over the pre-flop. You should not get involved with any other hand. Between the size of the chip stack of the players in front of you and the size of the chip stack of the big blind, there’s no reason to be in a hand with less than A-A-2-3.

If you have a top pair such as AA, KK, QQ, or AK and there are flush draws showing, you should bet the flop. Continue doing this if there are no obvious flops. Maybe this is the time to get a little crazy, as the poker odds have to be in your favor. If you bet the flop on the turn as a bluff, it might work, but it will probably end up back firing. Your expected value has to be extremely high for this play to be profitable.

This concept is much easier to explain with an example. Let’s say you have a nut flush draw with As-J-Q. There are three players in the pot. You bet the flop and get a call from the button. The turn is a T, and the players in front of you check. You decide to bet the turn as a continuation bet. If you hit your hand right, you can win the pot with a bet on the river. There are only two cards that can beat you, so the odds are 2-1. Even if someone has a better hand than you, you will probably only win the pot about a 50% of the time.

However, you still want to show your hand. If you make a hand and get a check from the button or a call from the small blind, you’ll win the pot a 50% of the time, for a total of 46% win odds. Pretty good, right? Now, if you wait until the river and bet only on your strong hand, you’ll win about 48% of the time, for a total of 54% win odds.

As you can see, waiting for two cards to come to make a hand is a very risky play. It could mean a lot of money for a lot of hands. But, if you’re in late position and everyone before you folds, you could catch a big hand to steal the pot. Don’t call unwise bets, just make a big fold and wait for a better spot.

Cassidy Nguyen is a professional poker player and founder of One Up Bingo. She has played in some of the top poker tournaments including the World Series of Poker. She also blogs for One Up Bingo and hopes to inspire and motivate her readers to play poker. You can visit her at

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