Vidamujer – If you’re one of the people for whom an annual holiday means a trip to the Caribbean, you’ll find that the Costa Brava in Spain is one of the best places in the region to visit. And if you love hiking, this won’t be a surprise: the area has several excellent hiking trails, each with its own unique attractions.

Costa Brava: The Perfect Destination for a Walking Holiday

The Costa Brava is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, and for good reason. In this area, you’ll find the beautiful Doñana National Park, as well as the Pyrenees Great Lakes. Should you want to get even closer to the area’s nature, you can always continue on to the Sierra Crestillina, in Spain’s Sierra Nevada. In addition to being attractive hiking locations, the Sierra Crestillina is also a great area for biking and ATVing.

Your Costa Brava experience will never be complete, however, without a stop in Gijon. Here, you’ll find the Moorish castle and the city’s museum, as well as the tower of weights.

The Moorish influence on the city is subtle, yet unmistakable. In fact, many of Valencia’s monasteries and churches are influenced by the architecture of the Arab world – particularly in the Valencia City Center. Valencia’s Esplanada street is also called the Moorish Viejo, hitting a chord with anyone who has read the epic novel of the same name.

Costa Brava weather is great in December and January, which is also the most frequent month for tourists. During these months, the temperature ranges from 20°C-25°C. On the flip side, temperatures can reach 30°C- 35°C, which isn’t too bad if you’re visiting on a warm beach! For example, Valencia the summer is hot and humid, while the winter is mild.

The combination of these two extreme temperatures always means that anyone visiting Valencia is in for a pleasant surprise. Not only does it mean that you will get to interact with a warm, cosmopolitan population, but it also means that you will also get to enjoy a holiday rich in history, culture and Valencia’s wonderful cuisine.

One of the best places to experience the love of your life is Casa delanca. If you’ve never been to this bar, you can’t even imagine how great it is – huge even on the smallest of scales. The décor is cool, the beer choices are huge and the food is…restaurant food. Which is fine, because it’s the best food in the world.

If there’s one thing to complain about about in Casa delanca, it’s the same lack of good lighting that plagues many of its fellow establishments. There is one main reason for this, and that is the lack of wall decorations. As a result, the walls aren’t vibrant and confused with too many pictures and charts. It’s just a pity, because the bar is full of options when it comes to beautiful lighting and interesting décor.

If you’re tired of snacking at bars while they charge exorbitantly, grab a Chardonnay from a wine shop on the PlaÒ«a Reial or from street vendors. If you’re going to spend a little more, go for one of Valencian wines (light reds and burgundies) and aino honey. Go for the wine list and choose one that isn’t over five. If you don’t, just get a wine instead of a half bottle (it’s more pokerclub88).

Tanner Street is Valencia’s most famous street, if not the most famous street in the city. If you look at postcards of Valencia, you will see exactly what described this street perfectly. There are wide avenues, a sense of romance, and selection of restaurants, bars, shops and sometimes pubs. One thing is for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

Most of these establishments are wine bars, so it is important to plan ahead if you want to drink while waiting for your table. There are usually one or two immediately surrounding the bar, so you won’t wait long for a drink, but it is best to get a reservation or a place to sit down fast. Booking is recommended.

Note: You will be purchasing your food from the small shops while you are waiting for your friendly and informative Cab driver. Many of these have small portions and it is worth bearing in mind that the intent is to let the customers eat as much as possible and not to make them empty out before they even arrive at the table. If this is such a problem for you, ask for your food to be brought up to the table.