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How to Bet on Sports

There are a few ways you can place a bet on a sport. Before I answer that, I wanted to make sure you knew this; you are only as likely to win as other people betting on the same sport.

The most popular way to bet on sports is through an online sportsbook. At an online sportsbook, you can search and place bets on any sport you want from team sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and so forth to individual sports such as golf, tennis, NASCAR, boxing, horse racing and even MMA. At a large number of these sites, you can even bet on politics and reality TV shows.

In addition to the online sportsbook, another way to bet on sports is to bet impersonally (on the line), “against” another player at a different sportsbook. This is usually done in Las Vegas and Detroit when two of the top Las Vegas establishments are gambling.

Why bet on sports? Your ultimate goal is to turn a profit. And, with the many available handicapping and betting services, like, you can establish if you will make a profit betting on basketball, baseball, football, hockey, horse racing, etc.

There are also sports betting systems offered online. However, with the many complications involved with those systems, such as having to play 18 or more games just to determine results, you can rarely turn a profit. Plus, the betting systems don’t work like the Vegas odds or point spread does. You should discard those systems and choose your own strategies.

The Pick6 is the one to go with. They have become the leaders in sports betting online, and their in house team of professional handicappers, have devised simple, effective and proven betting systems that bettors believe in.

They give you the tools to make a successful bet, and all of the statistical information and analysis required for trend spotting. In addition, they give you an account that is 100% safely guarded and protected.

They want your business, so they offer a lifetime of free services, including a free lifetime picks package, a premium picks package, access to a pre selected system for a lifetime and even a VIP program for those who refer friends to them.

They give you a variety of betting options. They have the very popular 2 progressed betting. This is done in three steps. You can bet at a lower level if you want to increase your probability of winning. The second level requires a higher bet. And the third requires a bet double the previous level.

They also have Live In-Game Betting and even a VIP program for season ticket holders. This VIP program offers different benefits depending on the season plan you have chosen. You can access the program at a special pricing level.

The program is very easy to get started. You just go to the Live In-Game Betting section on the main page, click on the Contests category, find the game you want to bet on and the amount you want to bet. Then just click on join and your account will be ready to use instantly.

Regarding the support, a friendly support team is available 24/7 via phone, email, live chat and also fax. Other than that, you can find many updates on the website and at the very bottom of the article on how to find the download button. Best of Luck and have fun!

Choosing the Right Horse Racing Strategy

Horse racing is one of the most exciting sports to bet on and, if done right, you can earn a decent amount of money. However, choosing the right horse to bet on is not as simple as it seems, because there are a lot of factors that you need to consider in order to come up with the right choice. In this article, we will discuss a few of the most important things that you need to consider when creating your own Pick 4 trends.

Your first factor that you need to consider is the speed of the race. Most experts agree that the horses’ reactions are the main factors that determine the outcome of a race. Therefore, when it comes to betting on horse races, it is wise to get the tickets early if you want to have better chances of winning.

Your next factor is the jockey. A horse’s jockey has a big effect on the speed and strength of the horse. Horses carrying horses with shorter legs have a harder time gaining control of the horse and keeping it under control. On the other hand, horses carrying horses with bigger legs have a easier time maintaining their stability.

Behind the scenes, there are many people, including the trainer, the jockey, the drivers, and even the Kartupoker, who contribute to the horse’s performance. The people who spend their time behind the scenes can have a very good intuition on what the final speed of a race will be.

It is also important to know things like the conditions of the weather and how it will affect the horses’ performance. Of course, you can’t accurately predict a race’s final outcome if you don’t know the general rules and mechanics of the game.

The day-to-day lives of gamblers may not see a need to visit the racetrack anytime soon. As a result, you can use this information to determine if you can bet strategically during the day or you need to wait it out and possibly save your money.

Not only that, but the convenience of the internet can help you make smarter bets as the Racetrack Buster will alert you to whenever there is a better chance of a significant greyhound racing factor in a race. For example, you can bet specifically on the finishing time of the race.

The factors that you need to consider include the average speed of the dog, its weight, the distance of the race, and the barrier profile of the track. Any of these factors may impact the dogs chances of winning.

The other factor to be considered is the condition of the tracks. Certain racetracks are known for their extremely harsh conditions, including sandy, clay, uphill, and downhill courses. All of these factors can affect a dogs ability to perform adequately in a race.

Finally, you can bet systematically using a strategy that is recommended when you make a wager on greyhound races. This strategy is known as a progressive laying system and has been proven to be highly accurate when used in combination with Predicta’s automatic handicapping system.

How to Win at Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a game of poker odds and luck. Many players will often try to robbery the poker pot by making small moves with superior hands like pocket 7’s or pocket 8’s. However, poker is a game of position; the later your position to the dealer button, the better your odds of getting certain pocket pairs or winning with a straight or flush.

The only way you can robbery the pokerace99 pot is if you’re in late position or on the button. Being on the button or near the button gives you many advantages such as getting a free card when your opponents don’t want one. Also, you can play a lot more hands because you’re in a better position to do so.

In early position you should only play pocket pairs, suited connectors, and suited cards over the pre-flop. You should not get involved with any other hand. Between the size of the chip stack of the players in front of you and the size of the chip stack of the big blind, there’s no reason to be in a hand with less than A-A-2-3.

If you have a top pair such as AA, KK, QQ, or AK and there are flush draws showing, you should bet the flop. Continue doing this if there are no obvious flops. Maybe this is the time to get a little crazy, as the poker odds have to be in your favor. If you bet the flop on the turn as a bluff, it might work, but it will probably end up back firing. Your expected value has to be extremely high for this play to be profitable.

This concept is much easier to explain with an example. Let’s say you have a nut flush draw with As-J-Q. There are three players in the pot. You bet the flop and get a call from the button. The turn is a T, and the players in front of you check. You decide to bet the turn as a continuation bet. If you hit your hand right, you can win the pot with a bet on the river. There are only two cards that can beat you, so the odds are 2-1. Even if someone has a better hand than you, you will probably only win the pot about a 50% of the time.

However, you still want to show your hand. If you make a hand and get a check from the button or a call from the small blind, you’ll win the pot a 50% of the time, for a total of 46% win odds. Pretty good, right? Now, if you wait until the river and bet only on your strong hand, you’ll win about 48% of the time, for a total of 54% win odds.

As you can see, waiting for two cards to come to make a hand is a very risky play. It could mean a lot of money for a lot of hands. But, if you’re in late position and everyone before you folds, you could catch a big hand to steal the pot. Don’t call unwise bets, just make a big fold and wait for a better spot.

Cassidy Nguyen is a professional poker player and founder of One Up Bingo. She has played in some of the top poker tournaments including the World Series of Poker. She also blogs for One Up Bingo and hopes to inspire and motivate her readers to play poker. You can visit her at

How to Play Blackjack in Casinos

If you are looking for tips on how to play blackjack in casinos, then read this. You will learn how to play blackjack in casinos legally.

There are many table games available in the casinos. One of the popular table games is blackjack. It is a beatable game. Its popularity is because of the low casino house advantage which allows more players to win at one time than other table games.

It is beatable. The odds are less favorable to the players than other beatable games such as roulette, craps, slots, etc. The percentage of cards the dealer draws to the young is around 30%. This means, for every six hands, one will not be a winner. 30% of the time, each of the dealer’s cards will not be a winner.

There is a solution to beat the pokerboya which was made famous in the movies, the technique of card counting. This was learned and then introduced to the world in the popular book ‘Beat The Dealer’. This was a technical card counting system that any person can do. First, you have to learn the basic principles of card counting. Then, you have to learn all the different card counting systems. You have to learn all the different systems so that you are be able to identify when the cards are in your favor and when they are against you.

To minimize the risk, it is best to first memorize the card counting system and then the method of counting cards. You must know the high cards first. This means that when you are playing blackjack, you should play with a lower deck than normal.

To do card counting in the casino, you have to memorize the card in the deck. If you know the cards well, you can determine if the deck favors you or the dealer. How do you do this?

You count the cards as 10 are played. Whenever a card is played, you add 1 to the card count. When this number is high, it means that more high cards have been played, and therefore, it means that the deck favors the player. The sum of the high cards is low and the deck favors the dealer.

The high cards are, of course, the cards that have already been dealt. Once again, you have to memorize the cards. You should add 1 to the count every time a card is played. This system will help you make good decisions in the long run. When the deck of cards has fewer high cards remaining, the deck of cards favors the dealer. When this happens, you must increase your bet as the odds are in your favor.

Counting the cards is really simple. The only tricky part is trying to remember what card every card is in the deck. This can be hard to do in the casino. Once you do this, you will win at blackjack. The Casino will count the cards and the cards will be against you in the long run.

This is just a little something that you can do to help you at blackjack. Everybody knows that the House usually have the advantage in any casino. The House can expect to win even though they may be having a horrible day. It is not impossible though to win with the odds in your favor. The casino does not care who wins or lose the game. They are more concerned with the odds and the odds are in their favor.

Playing Online Poker

All of us like to play games. Some of us play obsessively and others just pick up a pen and spend time talking to people about what game they like to play the most. me? I’m a poker player. I spend countless hours sitting at a table, learning what certain strategies work, observing others, learning their tells, and refining my own techniques. I have yet to walk into a casino and steal all their credit cards because I know the fastest way to lose all my money is to get drunk, forget to pay attention, and gamble with my rent money.

However, sometimes I find that the game isn’t just something I do. Sometimes I’m involved in far more than just a few games at a time. Now, I could be playing several games at once, and I could be watching TV, reading a book, or preparing dinner. As much as I love poker, sometimes the various games aren’t enough for me. And when I find myself multi-tabling, I find that my bankroll isn’t big enough for the various buy-in of casinos I decide to stop in, so I sit for hours eating, drinking, and talking to friends whom I may never meet in person.

If you’re sick of getting up from the computer and having to eat, but still love to play online poker, you’ll probably be happy to know that there’s a pretty simple solution to playing and succeeding at poker. It’s called being patient.

Patience is something that takes a lot of time to figure out. Many players are willing to learn the game, but they have this huge bug nose about it that makes it very difficult to concentrate. they have this instinctive want to play every hand, and win every pot. And instead of accepting that fact and slowing down, they do the exact opposite to make sure they bet every hand they are in.

While your intuition may be telling you that it’s a waste of time to call and try to steal the pot against aces, that’s really just a mental attitude. There’s nothing like reality, after all.

So instead of sitting there feeling like you’re against the pocket rockets, you want to figure out exactly how you’re going to bet each hand. Sure, you can’t possibly win all the time, but you can pick out the situations where you’ll profit more than losing, and that’s exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

The easiest way to determine exactly how you’re going to bet is to use a poker calculator. Once you’ve learned the probabilities of the cards you’re holding, you can bet with those odds, and bet with your bankroll to get a good bet off of your initial deducted bets.

Be patient. There’s nothing like busting out after two hours of play and losing your entire deposit. Yes, it could be possible to lose ten grand in a single evening, but you’re going to die in the long haul of thousands of hours spent playing poker. The thrill of learning the game and coming out on top is what keeps you coming back for more.

Know your limit. Whether you’re playing online afapoker or offline poker, you can’t become expert at everything. So when you’re deciding to stop playing a game, you have to make sure that you’ve got enough money to keep going.

Whatever games you’re playing, if you’re losing or winning, you have to stop to give it some time. Don’t try to impress your friends by playing on your able legs or while hanging from your chest. Don’t let the game drag you down the couch. Take off your iPod and beat the other guys at their own game.

Competing against other players is a lot of fun. You get to interact with them. However, when it comes to cold hard cash, you’re going to win or lose depending on your own skill and luck.

You can’t possibly succeed in poker without continuing to study and practice. Even the pros study and practice. After all, it’s like giving away your money to the casino, if you don’t have the first hand to fall back on.

After you study and practice, you might also find that you’re prone to mood swings. This is when you lose all your money in one big game after a bad beat. When you lose, you have to have a little faith that the cards are not really coming your way for the moment, regardless of what your poker calculator is telling you.

Mood swings are part of the game. Don’t try to fight them. Accept that they’re going to happen. Even if you find yourself playing the worst game in the casino right now, you are not invincible. Even the best hands will be vulnerable some times.

Online Blackjack For Money

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games out there. It’s a game of chance and the house has very little advantage over you. You can play blackjack for free online or with real money online. Most people play it for free just for the heck of it. In the beginning though, they lose a lot of money like they think they are bound to win a prize.

The prize rarely comes their way and in the end, their enthusiasm pays off nothing butzero. In order to minimize your losses, you need to come up with a good online blackjack strategy. Such a strategy should not be based only on basic strategy, but it should also take into consideration the player’s emotional state and also the casino’s house rules.

Online blackjack has been around since March 2002 and it has been quite popular ever since. It can be played on most online casinos. The new trend in online betting is microgaming. New games with better graphics and effects are shown by microgaming and they are recommended for you to try out.

The internet is flooded with numerous websites for online casinos. Most of the new and the old casinos can be assailed in just a click of the mouse. Online casinos are nowadays destination online and they offer a wide variety of both gambling and casino games. New games and new casinos with improved features as well as new promotions as well are always in supply.

The percentage of losses dealt in free online blackjack games is normally quite high. Players tend to get frustrated and start cheating by looking at scratch cards online that claim to be impossible to beat. Yet, there are still people who play online casino games honestly and prepare themselves for the disappointment by playing with a single deck for pennies and bet carefully.

The aim of most of these sites is to attract serious gamblers and they have succeeded in most cases. There is no free online blackjack game available that would allow you to cheat or swindle. Such sites shove this message across their websites all over their promotions and with those sites that promise to promise big bucks, only to disappoint.

If you wish to cheat online, all you require to have is access to a database of cards. When playing normal games of blackjack, you can view your opponent’s card for cheap. These sites ( allow you to buy cards for a certain price, so that you can compare and contrast the values of two different decks. Although these are not as realistic as actual cards being in front of you, you are still able to catch your opponent in a betting trap and turn a real wager into a profitable play.

In order to start playing online blackjack for money, it is best to opt for a limited number of tables at the same time. By doing so, you can increase your winnings even if you’re losing seems swiftly. It is n therefore worth your while to have a single table available in the group of your choice.

Keep in mind also that mastering the game of blackjack is not an easy task and although you can find several sources online that offer you the rules of the game, the actual card counting is usually against them. Their is also a very good reason to play online blackjack for money as you can bet on the outcome of the game without exerting any effort. The computer will keep track of all your options.

2006 NCAA Football

Fall camps are under way and the regular season will be here soon so that means getting an early jump on the 2006 NCAA football season. Knowing the teams now will save you time and Matt Fargo is here to help you get a grasp of what to expect this upcoming year. We go from worst to first in this 2006 College Football Preview.

14 – Miami (Florida) Hurricanes 9-3 SU; 4-8 ATS

Fargo’s Take Eight losses over the last three seasons has Miami reeling. For any other program, that would be considered successful but not here. Following the 40-3 blowout loss against LSU in the Peach Bowl, changes were made as six assistant coaches were shown the door. The offense had its worse output in a decade last season but with only four starters returning and a new quarterback, that should have been expected. But apparently it was not a good enough excuse as three new offensive assistants, including offensive coordinator Rich Olsen, were hired to right the ship. Kyle Wright is only a junior and he should only improve with his first full year under his belt. The defense was as good as ever but that loss to the Tigers to close out the year certainly turned some heads. The goal in 2006 is simple. Get to the ACC Championship, something it did not accomplish last season as well as contend for the National Championship.

Returning Starters on Offense – 5 Miami averaged 27.1 ppg on year, something many other programs would take in a heartbeat but it put the Hurricanes 55th in the country in scoring offense, down from 21st in 2004. Changes have been made to the offense, namely the staff, hoping to bring back some of that moxie. There are playmakers all over the field but many of them underachievers, led by senior quarterback James Pinkney. He tossed 17 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions while completing 57.9 percent of his throws. Hebo Stoops jobs are easier than ever but this offense – from top to bottom – could not get any worse. Mouth watering talent and experience is there but the offense passed the test in 2005 and it could do so again in 2006.

Returning Starters on Defense – 6 The 2006 Hurricanes finished 8th in the country in facilities, 9th in scoring defense and 11th in total defense with an average score of 32 ppg. Changes have been made to the defense, namely the linebackers, hoping to make it better. It didn’t go over well last season, particularly with the loss of linebacker AJ Hawk, who led the team in tackles. Hawk’s replacement is Dominique waterhouse, who led the team in rushing and is third on the team in sacks. The line needs to replace four starters but there is plenty of speed there and some emerging talent. Ad Authorities Sports has the Seminoles as a 3.5-point favorite with a total for Miami listed at 47 1/2.

Schedule The schedule is not difficult but it does come with some challenges. Miami starts the season at home versus Florida St. before traveling to Louisville. A loss in either of those two games and the Canes will be back home for two of its three consecutive games versus the remaining home games of the season. A bounceback is expected against the Cardinals as the Hurricanes will be coming off a season-opening win against the Gators. Florida is also the visitor in September so the pressure is on once again.

You can bet on pokerace99 Miami is no longer left out in the woods after finishing 2005 with a 6-5 mark. The Canes didn’t get the job done in the Playoffs and it’s back to the drawing board in 2006. If the Hurricanes can pull out two upsets in the next two home games, two National Championship remains a reality. The two toughest remaining games in the season will be against Louisville and Florida A&M, both of which should be among the nation’s top 25 teams when it comes time for the gars to get some paychecks.

The Ultimate in Sports Betting

Vidamujer – Are you looking for more of a challenge in sports betting? If so, you may be contemplating on having the ultimate in sports betting. The ultimate in sports betting doesn’t just mean that you are betting on the most difficult game of all, like the Super Bowl. Rather, it could mean that you are betting on an event in which there is little rhyme or reason to place your bet. The ultimate challenge in sports betting is to beat the oddsmakers and function like a true investment investor.

In the sports betting world, there are a lot of different factors that have to be taken into consideration before one can decide to bet on sports. Obviously, experience plays a large part in developing a betting strategy. However, it is also important to know certain digits and statistics, which are less common in making quick decisions. New bettors shouldn’t put their money on any given team right away. They should let the season, and previous seasons, assess their betting chances and hopefully fund their bets with profitable teams. This is the first most important rule in sports betting. Don’t bet on a high risk without sufficient reason.

Next, it is important to know when to bet and when not to bet. Most bettors fail to bet on crucial games such as the Super Bowl if it is the season finale of their favorite team. The NFL is a lot of fun but the games truly are very important. Some teams get in a great run of games and others get quickly frozen in the playoffs. Never bet on a team if it is on a season end or if it is likely to fall apart. Always check the odds before you place your bet; this is the best way to win bets and make a lot of money.

The point spread is essentially a handicap that is apply to the team that is expected to win. The favorites have a minus next to their name which is known as the “money line”. The underdog team is designated with a plus next to their name and is referred to as the “remipoker” or simply the “weaker” team. The spread was created to make the sports more interesting and give bettors and players a way to make a larger amount of money off the game instead of watching it for betting purposes. This means that an underdog team may prove to be the stronger team when betting on football and win the game. The key is to get your points across and conveniently in order to maximize your returns.

Placing your wager on any particular team can earn you points which are translate into profits if used properly. When placing your bet on an underdog team, you need to Tulane a way to minimize your risks. If you are looking to capitalize on your talents as a a bettor, betting on the home team may prove to be very risky. It may be the best option to put your money on the less popular, more fortunate or popular team. Your selection may prove to be a wise decision if done at the right time and to your advantage.

When betting on football, the most important rule to follow is to know your teams. You must have a very good idea about all the factors that affect the performance of a specific team and matches. It is imperative that you follow the evolution and growth of your team as it evolve and grow with time. This will assure you that they will have devoted, true-to- rituals or a reliableyardstick when it comes to engaging with their social life and the team’s regimentation.

When betting on any team sport, it is also, imperative that you know all that you can about the sport and about the teams that you are betting on. Special knowledge is heartily essential when you are betting on any team sport. You have to be aware of the players and the teams, the conditions, history, statistics, mental and physical condition and many more factors that may affect the actual outcome of a match.

You also have to know all the possible factors that can affect the football match outcome. Of course, you know the ones about the team you are betting on, but you should also know about the other teams that can affect your bet as well. You have to know the odds and probabilities of your chances to win when betting on football matches. You also have to know about the kickoffs and the end of the game. You have to be aware of which team has the advantage over the other one, or the handicaps or the importance of the match in making a betting decision.

In making your football betting decisions, you also have to take your age into your consideration. If you are an old one, you can’t assume that you are an instant football bettor. While you can find some amazing football bets, most of these bets are disk based. You have to wait for the football season to be over before you can make your next bet.

How to Make Money With Roulette With a Keno Strategy

Vidamujer – To make money with roulette you have to be disciplined. That roulette system you have picked must be your system because it must be the only system that you will use.

Having the sure profit formula in mind, you place your bets carefully after studying the signs and numbers on the roulette table. The secret is knowing when to quit betting or continue to bet. It is always a good idea to bet on even bets or a single number because these are the bets with the best odds. To bet on two numbers or a single number and the same number a few times in a row is not going to benefit you. There are diagonal patterns and other patterns that are not advisable.

To increase your chances of winning you need to study the roulette tables and the numbers that are printed on them. You need to memorize the numbers and the colors and also the ranges of the numbers on the table. It can be a lot of work memorizing all this information. There are other ways to make money around the roulette tables. Time is spent counting and calculating the odds and actually placing your bets, and this method is the most efficient.

To increase your odds of winning you need to study the roulette tables and the numbers that are printed on them. You need to memorize the numbers and the colors and also the ranges of the numbers on the table. It can be a lot of work memorizing all this information. There are other ways to make money around the roulette tables. Time is spent counting and calculating the odds and actually placing your bets, and this method is the most efficient.

To win big at roulette you need to have a strategy to win big. This strategy can be used to maximize your profits and minimize the losses you take. The secret to winning at roulette is to bet systematically with the best odds of success. This depends on the rules of the type of roulette you are playing and the house edge. While these are known, there is no guarantee of success. You may lose at some point if the roulette wheels are not in your favor.

An example of a roulette system is the Labouchere system. This is a progression strategy that is designed to minimize your losses and maximize your chances of winning. It is a two stage strategy. The first stage is betting only on red or black. The second stage is increasing your bets when you win.

Middle Stage

Your profits can now be determined by the total amount of numbers that you have bet on roulette. Your odds of winning are about 5.3:1. If the total amount of numbers you have bet on is less than the number of total bets allowed in the casino, you will receive less than the bet amount.

As you can see, this system is not designed for thousands of times of income. It is a small starting bankroll to get you started. It also involves placing larger bets on the second stage when you are more certain of a win.

uber pick 3 system is a very simple strategy that can be used on any lottery pick 3 drawing. It can be used to increase the odds of winning against the worst odds. uber pick 3 system is a lot of fun to play and the odds are slightly in your favor when you use the system. Pokerlegenda strategy is good for players because it is a low risk strategy. But it is still not the same as a roulette strategy that involves the use of different strategies. Also, it is not advisable to use this when betting on pick 3. The only reason why you would use it on this game is because the smaller the bet size is the less your odds are of winning.

For the first time, it is advisable to use the uber chip 3 system for roulette. This system is a breakthrough roulette strategy that offers a lot of possibilities. If the same system is used on the same roulette wheel where the ball has landed only once in 100 spins, the probability of it being the same on the next spin is very high. It is a good roulette strategy that increases the odds of you winning the game. This system is basically picking the numbers that it calculates that have the highest probability of being on the next spin. The only problem with this strategy is that it may cause a lot of trouble especially if you use it on a European table.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article helped you to become a more advanced roulette player. Before you go to another table, learn the rules and regulations of that table first. And once you are on a table, share your roulette tips with the others. That would help to make the game more enjoyable and maybe could even win some money in the process. Good luck!

Texas Holdem Tournament – Playing Heads-Up Takes Nerve, Skill And Bluff

Vidamujer – Playing heads-up is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like you’re playing Russian roulette with Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter. There might not be a gun to your head, but going toe to toe at the poker table is a high pressure situation. And if you can’t conquer this aspect of the game then there’s no chance that you’ll be able to pull off your dream win, like American Chris Moneymaker.

Moneymaker busted opposition out through a number of online satellite tournaments on his way to winning the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas in 2003, scooping $3.6 million when he knocked out his last opponent on the final table. Neither Moneymaker nor this year’s winner, Australian Joe Hachem, had played in major US tournaments before but both proved that as well as playing the cards they were skilled at bullying an opponent in single combat.

Heads-up is much like a game of chicken – you don’t need the fastest car or, in this case, the best hand. The nerves to stay on target and not deviate from the line once the pedal has hit the metal are far more important qualities. This kamikaze attitude could get you into trouble if you crash your Route 66 racer into a King Kong pick-up truck, but without it you may as well walk away from the poker table before you even lay down your first blind.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need the best hand to win; it doesn’t matter what cards you get dealt if the other person folds. If they toss in their 10-8 and you’re sitting there with an 8-6 you still pick up the chips. In heads-up you can justifiably contest any pot with just a single court card and almost any pair is worth pumping.

Show some aggression F**k the flop

When the big blind is called and the flop hits the baize you can’t afford to look at the community cards in the same way as you would during normal play. If you hit a middle pair with a decent kicker during a standard game you’d probably be quite happy about it. In a heads-up this puts you in a very strong position. As a rule of thumb, if you’re on the button never just call – always raise to ensure you get a payout when you get dealt a decent hand. If you don’t know the person you’re playing you may not get many chances to get an insight into their heads-up technique. Watch the pre-flop raises to get an understanding of what your opposite number will bet as a bluff and what is a solid move aimed at pulling you towards a heavy loss. When you get to see cards on their backs make sure you remember the betting practice of that hand. If a similar rhythm emerges later, it’s odds-on they’ll be holding similar hole cards.

Against an inexperienced, passive player it’s best to raise as often as possible and lay as many bets on the flop as you think you can get away with without making your loose and wild play too obvious. It’s good to remember that the chance of starting with a pair is around 16/1, so a single court card is worth a punt, and if the flop doesn’t give you a pair you can often get away with a continuation bet and take the pot without too much trouble. If the newcomer raises and you have a good read on their game, you may well make a move with a good hand, Champions League style, against a weak bet and the likelihood is they’ll fold to you.

However, it’s important to consider the possibility of the jayapoker calling you with a good hand. If they’re anything like the German legend Rainer Stump, they’ll be happy to pay you off on your nut flush but even your 12 flush might be out-of-Place so if you’re in uncertain territory and you have a strong hand you should consider folding.

Beware the calls made by players who have a Maniac in them after they’ve stuck around. These guys can make some bad calls, and even when they make the right calls can be disastrous if the board comes Lower than expected. If you want to protect your chip stack, it’s best to wait for a reasonably good hand and then risk placing unnecessary bets.

One of the worst types of players is the aggressive raiser. These guys who seem to raise as often as they can without regard to form or any other consideration. Raising to scare people into folding will often result in people simply folding. You can occasionally get people to call you, but if they’re raising from more than one position then you can probably expect some sort of a call.

Another bad type of player is the blind defender.

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